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From July 30th to August 11th

The story continues at León, Guanajuato. Our clients shall live the casino experience at Grand León since February 2019.


Multitable Tournament (MTT)

Players start with a predetermined number of chips and play on different tables with other players. AS the game goes on, players will be eliminated and they will shuffle onto another table with different players. At the end, the last players face each other on the only table.

Sit & Go Tournament

This tournament has no starting hour, though it has a maximum of players. Once registered, the tournament starts immediately. S&G or SNG mean Sit & Go.

Guaranteed Tournament

It has a minimum fixed price, no matter the quantity of players registered. The guaranteed quantities are variable and you can find several values around.

One against one Tournament

Also known as Heads Up. The players are coupled and play until only one wins. There’s tournaments of only two players or several players, if there are a great number of players, the winner is that who gets to the next level.

Turbo Tournament

Different play levels with a shorter play time. The levels can vary but they’re generally shorten than the rest of the tournaments.

Tournament with rewards

These kinds of tournaments allow players to acquire chips to their stack with restrictions. There’s a rebuy period which can be limited to this time. In this period there may be a limited or unlimited rebuy quantity allowed.

Freeze out

These poker tournaments there is no chance to use rewards chips and you can only play with the initial chips.

Knock Out Tournament

Also known as poker tournaments with rewards. It’s a tournament where you can get rewards by knocking out your rivals. Usually there’s an entrance fee that works as a reward.

Deep Stack Tournament

Each player starts with a larger quantity of chips. This way players have a longer playability during the event.


Bienvenido a León

Localizada en el centro de México, León es una de las cinco ciudades más importantes del país y es conocida como La Perla del Bajío y capital mundial del calzado, así como destino obligado para el turismo de negocios.

¿Qué quieres hacer hoy?

En León, el legado histórico y la modernidad logran la fusión ideal, donde su arquitectura de fuerte influencia colonial y oferta cultural única conviven en perfecta armonía con el entretenimiento de primera clase.