How to play Texas Hold’em Poker?


In this article, we shall explain to you how play Texas Hold’em. Before the start of the game, before the cards get handed, you need to put out the blinds. This means that the players on the small blind and the big blind must put their bets respectively.


The big blind is the minimum bet that the players that want to join the game must match. The player sitting at the left of the dealer sets the small blind, which must be half of the big blind. The player sitting at the left of the small blind sets the big blind.



Before the game begins the size of the blinds must be established. To help the game run along smoothly and without any problem, there must be a set structure, and thus the blinds must be dictated before the game begins; otherwise problems might arise between the players. If you need more help, please look at our article about how to organise poker games with friends. If you would like to play a Cash Game, the blinds would be set and there would be no change in the remaining of the match.

Once the blind is set, the dealer will hand out the cards clockwise, a card per rotation and a total of two rotations. Each player will have 2 cards face down.

In Texas Hold’em, you have to choose between folding your cards, calling the bet, raising the bet or check–the last one being only possible if there is no previous bet.

Texas Hold’em Betting Rounds

The first betting round will start when all of the players get their two cards. The player to the left of the big blind shall be the first one to act, then the play shall go clockwise. Each player must choose between folding, calling the big blind, or raising it. The player that has the big blind spot shall be the last one to play, they will have the option to check only if no-one has raised the blind.


Primer Jugador en hablar en el Pre-flop es el situado a la izquierda de la ciega grande



In the first betting round, only the player in the big blind spot has the option of checking–only if no-one has raised the big blind. The rest of the players have to at least match the amount of the big blind if they want to play the hand or they can throw it.

Since any player can raise the bet as long as they want to stay in the game, at least they must match the highest bet. If you want to read more of the different plays go to the betting of Texas Hold’em Poker.

Once that the first betting round ends, the dealer shall burn a card and flop the first three cards. Once the cards flop, each player shall have 5 cards total, since the cards on the table are community cards.


Before lifting the common flop, turn, and river cards, the first card of the deck shall be put aside–this is “burning” a card. A card shall be burned by each betting round, three cards total in the game.

After the flop is revealed, the second betting round starts. From then forward, the first player still to the left of the dealer shall be the first to speak.


Ronda apuestas flop


Once the second round ends, the dealer will burn again a card and turn another card. This is the start of the third betting round.


Ronda apuestas turn


Once the third round concludes, the dealer will burn another card and they will reveal the last card, a.k.a. River. This is the start of the fourth and final betting round.

Once that the river is set, each player will have a total of 7 cards. As in poker, each player must make their best 5 cards combo, between the 2 that they have and the 5 community cards. They can use their 2 hole cards, one of them, or none if the best play is set with the 5 cards laid out on the table. If that’s the case, it’s a tie and all the players win–the pot shall be split evenly amongst the winning hands.


Ronda apuestas river


The ending of a poker game

A poker game ends whenever a player raises a bet that the other players won’t follow.

Or, in the last round of the river, when the bet is matched, all of the players show their hands–this is called the showdown. The player with the best hand wins the pot. If there’s similar hands of 5 cards, the pot is evenly split amongst the winning hands.

In the next game the dealer position is passed on to the player sitting to their left, the big blind and small blind will go consequently.